When you start connecting your C# programs to SQL databases, there are a few things you need to know - some of which are not obvious to newer developers.

Besides the obvious things, like reading, writing, and deleting data, you need to know how to keep your data secure. Otherwise, your company may end up needing to send a "We've been hacked, and your personal information was leaked" letters to all their customers.

That's not fun.

Fortunately, a few easy-to-learn techniques will let you write programs that use a SQL database, while greatly reduce the odds of your programs being hacked.

In this course, you'll go from had-writing beginner-level C# code that connects to SQL databases to knowing the techniques I've used for decades writing custom software for huge corporations, like:

  • How to connect to a SQL database, using an Active Directory account or a SQL Server account
  • How to retrieve, insert, update, and delete records, converting between business objects and database records
  • How to populate "child" objects, when retrieving "parent" objects from the database
  • How to prevent hackers from getting into your database with a "SQL injection attack"
  • How to secure a password in the database, so even the database administrator can't read it

NOTE: This course is about hand-written database access code. It does not cover using ORMs, like Entity Framework, Dapper, or nHibernate.

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